Why soul-winning is important as a church ministry?

The core theme of evangelism is sharing the Gospel or the good news about Jesus. It is all about a saved person talking about how Jesus Christ changed his/her life. The effectiveness of evangelism will always depend upon how the person who shared the gospel experienced it in his/her life. It is the duty of a church as a community and a believer as an individual to reach out the unreached. GLS offers some of the best church resources for this purpose. Whether it is tracts or booklets, they all proclaim God’s greatest gift to mankind – His Son Jesus Christ. In addition to the variety of evangelistic books, GLS also has hymn books for church service and believers’ personal use. Booklets and tracts are available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Odiya, Kannda, Telugu, Malayalam, Nepali and Gujarati.

Fostering Relationship with Assemblies

To foster relationship with assemblies GLS has taken many initiatives over a period of time. Some of them are: 1. Providing resources for outreach and church growth based on the local felt needs. 2. Helping assemblies to set up their own libraries from a range of specific titles provided by GLS. 3. Procuring resources, which are not available with GLS, from outside to meet specific local needs. 4. Providing books specifically published to reach out to opinion leaders/opinion changers in the local places. 5. Giving limited financial assistance to assemblies doing charitable work, medical relief etc, 6. Facilitating short term ‘Missions Training Programme’ to make local evangelism more effective, 7. Initiating translation into local languages through the assistance of assembly workers, and 8. Encouraging believers to contribute articles/write- ups in the Harvest Time magazine.

Our Evangelistic Books:

The Life of Jesus Christ by PI Jacob: The book is an integrated and chronological narrative of the four Gospels unfolds the Person, Works and Words of the Living Saviour of the World.  Since the Gospel writers present events in life of Jesus Christ in different perceptive and chronological order, this combination of their writings provide something that is easy to read and understand. The Nestle Greek Text is used as the main basis for the narratives in this book.  And every effort has been taken to make the language simple and unambiguous.
No verse from the original or part of one is omitted except to avoid duplication. This presentation can appeal a modern reader as the details of life, works and words Jesus Christ has been arranged in an orderly fashion. It is non- controversial, authentic, appealing, effective, engaging, impactful and reads like a story.  The book is very effective in promoting the good news to people of all age groups, of different religious, cultural backgrounds, occupation, education and income. Prepare to witness by reading it. Help sharing the Good News by gifting it to your relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and those in power and authority.  The book can be a fine gift for Christmas, New Year or any occasion.  For higher quantities check price with us. English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada editions are available now. Panjabi, Urdu, Odiya and other Indian language editions will be available soon.

Burnt Alive by GLS This book is a tribute to the Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines. It takes a look at the life and work of this man of God, among the tribal poor and the socially outcast lepers in  Keonjhar  district in  Odisha , India, reaching out to them with love and compassion. The book also covers the inspiring story of the 105-year old Mayurbhanj leprosy mission, a symbol of supreme sacrifice.

Christian Mission in the modern world by John R.W.Stott In this book, the author takes a critical look at the key issues of Christian Mission. Unbending Evangelical ideas of mission are reassessed as he examines the biblical teaching behind these terms.

Understanding Islam by Dr. Sam Bhajjan This book helps readers from other faiths to have a glimpse of some of the key concepts of Islam like freedom and secularity. This also helps one to understand the Islamic stand on some of the areas of conflict with Christians, mainly Christ and Trinity.

From Traditions to truth by Kamaru Nadesan This book is a moving experience of a Hindu who found the truth in Christ. Apart from sharing his testimony, this book is an investigative study on major practices of popular Hinduism and Roman Catholicism. It is a useful book for Hindus and Roman Catholics who are seeking the truth about the true and living God.

In quest of truth by Dr. Ibrahimkhan O. Deshmukh India is a diverse country with different languages and religions. But one thing that each human being, not only in India but on the whole earth must know is ‘Christ’. This book is an account of the personal journey of the author himself from Islamic faith to Christianity.

The life of Jesus by Kumaru Nadesan Someone has rightly said that history is ‘His Story’ i.e the story of Jesus Christ. This book is an excellent revelation of the Life of Jesus which will definitely transform your life.

Hope for the future by Dr. Billy Graham Is there hope for the future for mankind? Dr. Graham believes there is. He is echoing the words of the Bible which teaches that God has planned a glorious new social order that is coming and it is going to be brought by Jesus Christ Himself when He comes back. This is a must have book for every believer in Christ.

How to find God by Dr. Billy Graham This book was written to make sure that a soul in quest for God will have a clear understanding of the Way and once established in the way through Jesus Christ the Saviour, will know how to live a victorious Christian life!

Tryst with God by Malasawmi Jacob This book covers an amazing story of the spiritual quest of Dharam Prakash Sharma, the son of Pushkar Teertha’s high priest and descendant of Veda Vyasa. The outcome of it is narrated in a poetic style in this book. This is also the story of Asha, wife of Dharam Prakash, who lived Christ’s sermon on the Mount against all odds and proved to her cynical husband that a living God exists

India waiting for dawn by Dr. Shatanu Datta In this book, the author showcases the various vices that plague our country and offers hope for a better future – if only we are willing to make the desired changes, even if it means paying a price to do so. The book is a must read for all those concerned about the future of our country.

Peace with God by Dr. Billy Graham This is a book written not for religious enthusiast, but for the man in the street. Its purpose is to give a clear understanding of the true inner peace that we can find in Jesus Christ, a peace that is dependent not outward circumstances but on freedom from anxiety, guilt and fear.

The quest for freedom & dignity by Vishal Mangalwadi In this book, Mangalwadi expertly diagnoses the ‘Indian disease’ of caste system; evaluates it and boldly prescribes the remedy that is cultural revolution through Jesus Christ. Moving stories of caste discrimination in India is made alive with the author’s own struggle with the system.

The Messiah by Malasawmi Jacob The Messiah, Jesus Christ, lived about 2000 years ago. In His life time He was loved and hated, worshipped by some and considered unfit to live by others. Why did He evoke such strong reactions? What did He have to say about Himself? And what is His relevance today? This book, along with re-telling the Messiah’s life story, gives answers to the above questions.

Freedom from seven deadly sins by Dr. Billy Graham In this book, Dr. Graham talks about seven deadly sins, a term coined by Pope Gregory the Great, at the end of the sixth century. These messages tell us what God has to say about these sins, and how freedom from their power can be abstained.

Our Evangelistic booklets

Are all religions the same?

By GD Yisudas

Many today take it for granted that all religions are the same. Some religions do have similar teachings too. But does that mean all religions are the same? No!! Read this book to know why? (Available in English, Hindi, Bengali and Oriya languages.

Truths to think over

by KA Philip

Is there a God? If there is, who is He? What does God expect of us? Is it possible to enter into a relationship with God? These questions may have troubled you at times. This booklet gives some reasoned answers for these questions.

How I got peace.

Jordan C. Khan

This is a personal testimony of the author revealing how he got the experience of new birth in Christ which gave him peace.

Good news giving great joy for all

Thomas B. Thomas

An evangelistic booklet which describes the gospel clearly, available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

Walking with Jesus

This book covers with the basic and foundational teachings that a new believer in Christ should know.

Christian Baptism

by V. Nagel

The book is written especially for those who are misled by wrong teachings about baptism.

One God many manifestations

George David

Gospel message is presented in a story and narrative format. The format is very appealing.

So Great Salvation

(in Hindi)

Read this booklet to find out why salvation is great, what its aspects are and how you can be a citizen of heaven.

John’s Gospel

by V. Nagel

John’s Gospel in booklet format is available in Hindi, English, Marathi and Nepali now. The booklet will be available in major Indian languages soon.

Focus on

John Ritchie

This is a compilation of series of ten titles by John Ritchie. It deals with vital topics for a newly born-again Christian. The topics include the Word of God, the assurance of salvation, Baptism, the Lord’s supper, which church should I join? And other topics like assembly privileges and responsibilities, separation, following steadfastly, the head covering and importance of love etc. It is available in English, Hindi and Marathi..

A few samples of our Evangelical tracts:
1. I must tell you this
2. Peace of God
3. If we never meet again
4. Do you know that God loves you?
5. Mokshdwar
6. Steps to peace with God